Immuno Cure BioTech acquires Shanghai Teresa Healthcare

Integrating Electroporation Technology & DNA Vaccine Platforms

Acquisition of 92.6% of Shanghai Teresa Healthcare

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Immuno Cure BioTech appoints new CEO

Broadening executive leadership team to accelerate growth strategy

Dr. Xia Jin appointed as new Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director of our Group

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HKUMed discovers a novel vaccine strategy to prevent SARS-CoV-2 nasal infection

The study demonstrated that a combination of intramuscular PD1-based receptor-binding domain (RBD) DNA vaccine (PD1-RBD-DNA) prime and intranasal live attenuated influenza-based vaccine (LAIV-HK68-RBD) boost vaccination regimen induced the strongest mucosal broadly neutralising antibodies and lung resident memory CD8 T cells, which prevented live SARS-CoV-2 nasal challenges in two animal models

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Phase I clinical study of our “ICCOV”, a novel and investigational SARS-CoV-2 DNA vaccine as a potential prophylactic vaccine for current pandemic disease COVID-19, is being conducted in the HKU Phase 1 Clinical Trials Centre located in Queen Mary Ho

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病毒解碼系列1/疫苗+抗體 愛滋病救星

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Exclusive License Agreement with The University of Hong Kong Technology Transfer Office (HKU TTO) for the patent for develop, make and sell the licensed products related to the prevention and treatment of infection of SARS-CoV-2