The PD-1 isoform is a unique isoform of the immune checkpoint PD-1 molecule. As opposed to the immunoregulatory function of the wildtype PD-1 molecule, the PD-1 isoform promotes pro-inflammatory reactions.


PD-1 isoform blockade results in the suppression of pro-inflammatory reactions

Our patented anti-PD-1 isoform antibody platform could effectively block the interaction of PD-1 isoform with its unique cognate receptor to substantially suppress the release of pro-inflammatory molecules, resulting in the reduction of inflammation-mediated pathological anomalies.


PD-1 isoform blockade in tumour suppression

Inflammation induced by the PD-1 isoform can lead to the exhaustion and loss of function of T cells, preventing the elimination of tumour cells. The potential therapeutic efficacy of our technology to reverse T cell exhaustion to treat cancers is currently being evaluated.