Management Team

David Du

Mr. David Yanhua DU

General Manager of

Shenzhen Immuno Cure

Mr. Yanhua Du is the project manager of the Company. He coordinates the research and development of the Company’s vaccine candidate from the laboratory to the clinical trial. Mr. Du has 20 years of researching and working experience in the field of HIV/AIDS. During Mr. Du’s previous working experience, he has been actively coordinating basic research, validity test on animal models, preclinical study, animal safety assessment and quality inspection of vaccine products of PD-1 based DNA vaccine and PD-1 antibody production in the Mainland and Hong Kong. Mr. Du’s research was focusing on the development of HIV/SIV vaccine as Visiting Research Scholar in the Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Centre, New York and AIDS Institute, LKS Faculty of Medicine of HKU. Mr. Du was then worked as the Technical Manager in AIDS Institute, LKS Faculty of Medicine of HKU. Mr. Du obtained his bachelor degree of Science in Virology, and master degree in Radio Biophysics from Wuhan University of China.